A full first year in Maynooth

It is now a full year since I first came to Ireland to study at Maynooth University. This opportunity changed my life: I’m learning every day in my ...

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What Comes Next?

The future is looming. An ominous statement that every university student experiences near the end of their degree. For international students, it carries extra weight ...

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Getting the most of your Study Abroad at Maynooth

Since it’s already the end of the first semester, I'd like to introduce how much experiences I had during this semester and help you build your expectation ...

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Meeting Irish friends

As new international students, we are constantly invited to introduction and integration events, where we can meet people from all over the world and start friendships that you ...

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Rain proof life!

It is well known that Ireland has chaotic weather. If you Google the phrase "experience all four seasons in one day", Ireland will surely pop-up in the ...

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Fred Valdez at Maynooth

Get a bike!

Maynooth is a small and beautiful town which can be easily traveled with a bike, and it has a lot of cycling roads everywhere. My quality ...

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The Phases of homesickness

Depending on the situation, being away from home can be an amazing time simply because you’re no longer home. You’re away from the monotony of your usual ...

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International Foundation Programme

My learning experience in the International Foundation Programme

I finished my course, International Foundation Programme, last week, and I’d like to share what I learned over the two semesters. International Foundation Programme is held for international students ...

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Maynooth Univerity Cemetery entrance path

Getting the right campus snap!

Maynooth has a beautiful campus, filled with big trees and large green areas It is magical even if it is a cloudy or a rainy day. I ...

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