End of year holidays

So, January flew by this time. What it was, I have no idea, but it’s a good sign I suppose. On the 3rd of January, I arrived back in Ireland after celebrating (an amazing) Christmas back home. It was nice to catch up with friends and colleagues after being away for two weeks.

Of-course, one of the first things Pauline (my colleague in the International Office) and I did was going to Diceys (our favourite nightclub, it’s hard to get rid of an addiction). It was good to be back and enjoy the good music again J.

One of the most hilarious things I did here in Ireland, was attending a Pantomime. This was absolutely hilarious. My other colleague Cliodhna brought Pauline, her sister Niamh and myself to the Pantomime. At the beginning I was a bit like ‘yeah, I don’t know about this one’, but as soon as the transvestite came on stage (who was dressed as Mary Poppins with a broken umbrella) it started to get amazing. It was sometimes so inappropriate, but oh so funny and we basically laughed for 2,5 hours straight. Unfortunately, it only shows around Christmas/January, because otherwise I would go every. I think I would definitely come back for another Pantomime if possible.

Also, since this month, I’m an experienced cat sitter, as I watched over the cats of my landlady when she was gone. I discovered that I’m not the best cat sitter in the world, because they completely terrorized me and I locked myself in the sitting room every evening to have some peace and to recover from the cat sitting.

On the positive note, I did finally sorted out my room in Berlin, which is my next destination after living in Ireland (and it’s so cheap and central). I booked tickets to see my all-time favourite, Lana Del Rey, in Berlin and booked an apartment in Budapest. So interesting and good things are definitely aheadJJJ. Oh, and (after 5 months) I finally managed to spell ‘definitely’ correctly. I do think I deserve some credits for that, as it is a really difficult word to masterJ.

The month ended with the Orientation Week for the newly arriving Study Abroad and Erasmus students. The Orientation was like the one in September, busy but cool to do. It involved again a lot of paper signing, packing bags and doing social activities. The nicest thing was that we organized a pub quiz for the students (self-made, how cool is that?) and I also presented this quiz (which was a little bit scary, as English is of course not my first language). It all went okay and it was a good night and hopefully, the students agree with this. Because Pauline and I thought we deserved some leisure time after the Orientation we went out for a massive shopping spree and on the road to the shopping centre we discovered whole parts of Ireland we hadn’t seen before. Aren’t we just amazing adventurers?

So that’s about it for the month… January is finished and February is oh so short. February also means that it is almost time to leave this beautiful place… Luckily, I have one last visit from friends planned and three more weekends of parties lined up before I actually fly home on the 25thJ.

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