Accommodation on Maynooth Campus – so like home

Time flies. I have been here, in Maynooth, for four months already. I have friendly and openhearted classmates and meet very helpful lecturers. Every day that goes by, I have learnt or known something new in my life. It may be a new way of learning, new interesting stories or even a new melody.

I am living in a cozy place. It is located on Maynooth campus, which is such a convenience to students, especially international students like me. It takes me just 3-5 minutes to walk to my class. In drizzly and cold days, I feel so lucky to live so close nearby. It is extremely convenient for me to get to the university’s library even on weekends or evenings. The campus accommodation is also close to bus stops and supermarkets, just a five-minute walk away!

My apartment is well equipped. It is the place where I enjoy my cooking and relax after class. One of the best things about living on campus is meeting new people and making friends for life. They show their respect to diversity. There are residents from many countries, cultures, abilities, age groups, genders, religions, ethnicities, courses and education levels. I have American, Irish and Vietnamese flatmates. We often chat to one another during dinner time. For me, living on campus is a wonderful experience.

All apartments in the campus have a very attractive view. Trees, a lot of them, surround the campus apartment blocks. It is truly relaxing to lie on the sofa, taste a cup of tea or Irish coffee and read favourite books in the sunshine. I really enjoy moments when I open the window in my room, then breathe in and out. It seems that I can smell the air, so fresh and pleasant.

Services provided by Maynooth residence office staff are very quick and efficient. Each resident is given an account to access the campus accommodation portal. If there is any problem, they can email to the office. I remember on the first day, when we moved in, our microwave was old and a bit rusted. We sent an email to them. Instantly, we got a new one. So cool! Staff are very caring to residents. They keep in touch with us frequently to ensure we are safe, feel comfortable and live in good condition.

The Security service on campus is fantastic. They provide 24/7 service and respond to our calls promptly. Sometimes, they come to check the fire alarm system in every single room to make sure it runs properly, just in case. It is a totally customer – oriented service. I have to say I made a right choice of accommodation so far. 

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