Maynooth Univesity 2019

An all-round education at Maynooth

The time I spent at Maynooth University as a student has been really inspirational, as it has helped me develop in various ways, both as a student and as an individual.

The students are very easy to get along and the faculty members at the university are very approachable.

Maynooth University has been awarded Ireland’s “friendliest campus.” The university has recently initiated its construction on new buildings so as to make more room for on-campus accommodation. The on-campus accommodation provided by Maynooth University is the cheapest “campus accommodation” across Ireland. They are comprised of state of the art facilities and are focused on ensuring that students would have a very undisturbed and comfortable life throughout the duration of their stay at the student residences.

Maynooth University graduates have been received with high honours across different professions across the world. The University conducts a diverse range of modules for each of its courses and students are free to tailor their courses by choosing only those modules they want to study. There are some compulsory modules, but not all.

Most modules can be altered according to student preferences.

Maynooth students are fairly actively engaged in various activities such as participating in protests for several issues in the country such as “environmental protection” “lack of housing”. There is so much to do at the university at all times that a student can never actually get bored in anyway whatsoever.

We have a very active students union on campus. The Student Union is hosted in a building of their own on campus. Different events are be held at the Students’ Union venue.

The Students’ Union supports all “clubs and societies” that are present on campus. They do various activities to foster student engagement across different occasions. It provides for an extremely vibrant and diverse campus life.

Student engagements in different activities are an important aspect in the life of a student whilst at university. Today a mere academic experience is not enough to make a student, fresh out of school, career ready. A diverse experience helps in various ways to enhance one’s career. And as such this is what is required of students today.

Modules are offered at the University that are comprised of internships. Students receive course credits for such modules and as such it also helps them gain practical experience, taking them a long way in their career ahead of their days at University.

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