An amazing time in Strandhill

During the study week, I went to Strandhill, Co. Sligo on a surf trip. Strandhill is a vibrant seaside village and a pleasure resort located in the west of Ireland. With its wild Atlantic waves it is a very popular spot for surfers throughout the year as well. In other words, it is one of the best places in Europe to surf!! In addition, there are lovely cafes, surf clubs and the strand bar along the coast. To get to Strandhill, it took 3 hours from my college by train and bus. I would like to share my fabulous experiences in Strandhill.

My First Experience

When I was looking for societies and clubs, I knew that there is a surf club in my college. As we know, it is actually cold in Ireland so I was not expecting to be able to go surfing in Ireland before coming here. I thought that it would be a great experience to do surfing in Ireland, so I decided to attend this trip. Also I was interested in the west of Ireland. We went on the trip for two nights and three days and stayed at the hostel and two surf lessons included! To be honest, I have never tried to surf so I was anxious and nervous. On the morning of the second day, our first surf lesson finally started at Strandhill beach. Thanks to great instructors who gave me an understandable lesson, I could be riding some waves of the sea with my surfboard. Actually, I really enjoyed it, but it was so hard to stand on my board so I will definitely keep practicing to get better even though I go back to Japan. Unfortunately, I couldn’t surf on the final day because the waves were not for beginners. If I were to say one thing I remember from this trip even now it was so cold that we get in the water even if we wear wet suits. However, I am so glad to get a new hobby during my Ireland life.

A Wonderful Encounter

Not only did I go surfing during this trip, but I also met lovely people. There were so many people who were from various countries. I’m meeting Italian, Spanish, German, Irish, Czech and Slovaks. It means that I have opportunities to interact with people. Especially, I met two Czech girls who have been irreplaceable to me. These girls have showed me many unbelievable kindness. We spent a lot of time together. Knocknarea, which is a large hill was especially breathtaking. We hiked to the summit of Knocknarea via over 500 wooden steps. Though those made me a little tired, I was absolutely impressed with the spectacular views, looking out over Sligo and Ballisodare Bay.

Moreover, we were able to visit the giant rocky cairn of “Queen Maeve’s grave” from mountaintop.

Of course, we took so many pictures that all of them were very lovely. Try going there, if you have a chance to go to Sligo, by all means. I am sure that you will pick up some pleasant memories. In the end, I am really grateful that I met them.

A Colourful Market

There was a small market near Sligo airport, which was crowded with people. The market was spacious, with an amazing ceiling decorated by so many colorful umbrellas.

I ate some fantastic seafood clam chowder, which is truly an unforgettable taste. I can definitely say that I had a fulfilling time in Strandhill.

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