How to enjoy to the fullest!

Studying abroad in Maynooth was, undoubtedly, an amazing and everlasting experience, full of great moments and great people. You will be invited to several introduction events for international students, where they will explain most of the basics of living and studying in Maynooth. However, there are other things no one will tell you, which I learned over the time. So I am sharing them with you, to help everyone not to miss out on anything! Try out ...

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Waterford city by Maku

My holidays in Waterford

There’re a lot of opportunities to explore Ireland during your stay at Maynooth University. Today, I’d like to share my experience of the break between the second semester and the summer semester of the International Foundation Programme. I went to Waterford for a two day / three night holiday. Waterford is a city located on Ireland’s south coast, and is the country’s fifth biggest city. It’s also an historical city made up of museums giving visitors a ...

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Maynooth Univesity 2019

An all-round education at Maynooth

The time I spent at Maynooth University as a student has been really inspirational, as it has helped me develop in various ways, both as a student and as an individual. The students are very easy to get along and the faculty members at the university are very approachable. Maynooth University has been awarded Ireland’s “friendliest campus.” The university has recently initiated its construction on new buildings so as to make more room for on-campus accommodation. The on-campus accommodation ...

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A few doubts about living abroad

Before arriving in Ireland to do my Master’s degree at Maynooth University, I had a few questions in my mind about the process of moving to another country and about the course I had chosen. A few of them are listed in this post. Hopefully it can be helpful for prospective students: - My course is full time, but I do not have lectures everyday – will I feel idle? My course is based on continuous assessment, what ...

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students on Maynooth University campus

Be Yourself !

In the era of globalisation and digitalisation, everything is interconnected and moves so fast, sometimes just with a click. In the digital age, it seems that boundary is not a matter anymore. People can communicate with each other across borders. It is believed that globalisation brings about both advantages and disadvantages. Are there more advantages or disadvantages? The true answer depends on individual perspective and how people view value. However, ...

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GAA Sporting facilities at Maynooth University (MU Stock image)

Campus sports facilities

The time I spent in Maynooth University has been filled with a variety of experiences. My experiences were ranging from academic to socio-cultural elements. The broad range of experiences I had here has left a very vibrant and positive impact on me. These experiences have immensely helped in my personal development. Maynooth University has a really sizeable campus. There are several broad open spaces where students can always take part in some form of physical activity. The university has a broad variety of ...

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Things to do in Dublin city

Last month I received some visitors from my home country and as part of their travel itinerary here in Ireland, we discovered Dublin city. So, I compiled in a list a few tips I shared with them places to shop and visit at the city centre: Touristic attractions Dublin city is divided by the River Liffey, so the attractions are listed separately for the northside and the southside of the river: Northside - The Spire - O'Connel Bridge - Ha’ppeny ...

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Maynooth treats me well

I have enjoyed every moment in this beautiful place. It is not so crowded as in Dublin, yet it does not mean that Maynooth is a quiet place. I like the quietness of this place. I often wander around the Maynooth University Campus or Maynooth town after class on bright days. I want to take a deep breath of fresh air. I am sometimes fond of exploring Maynooth’s changes over seasons. It is very interesting. ...

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A guide to Maynooth, point-by-point

Hello again, all! So excited you’re back to read a bit more about my Irish adventures. Maynooth has been such an incredible host university, its crazy how fast this all went by for me. I’m already beginning to feel nostalgic. So far I’ve been diving into my academic studies and I’ve really been enjoying my classes this semester, I’m grateful for being here for a full school year as it’s allowed me to acclimate well to the ...

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Spring is here!

A famous Irish poet once said that life imitates art. As I walked through the South Campus on the last weeks and saw the first attempts of spring to come, I could not help to think that it is interesting how, at least for me, life, in fact, tends to imitate nature. I have mentioned in a previous post how incredible it is to see the seasons changing. As this is my first time ...

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