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Be Yourself !

In the era of globalisation and digitalisation, everything is interconnected and moves so fast, sometimes just with a click. In the digital age, it seems that boundary is not a matter anymore. People can communicate with each other across borders. It is believed that globalisation brings about both advantages and disadvantages. Are there more advantages or disadvantages? The true answer depends on individual perspective and how people view value.

However, the obvious thing I’ve seen most is the comparison. We often compare one place or one person with another. From my view, the widespread use of the Internet has greatly helped the process of comparing, both in a positive and negative way. The notion of higher or lower level, and of underdeveloped or developed status sometimes direct certain groups of people to move far away from what they value initially in their lives. They may feel unlucky, depressed, and unsuccessful. They may lose their identity just because they do not belong to the majority or the “higher elite” and more “advantaged” groups. Importantly, they may lose their confidence, self – reliance and self – esteem just because they are supposed to be less powerful. In this regard, the comparison holds people back from their own development.

Certainly, the comparison is sometimes necessary to push or encourage people,. To be a person living with partly sight loss, I used to compare myself with other friends who are luckier. When I was small I felt shy to talk about my situation. However, later in my life, I realised that I would lose myself if I continued always comparing myself to others. Having “leaped forward”, I think positively and have gained confidence. To me in this world, each person has his or her own beauty and value; just be yourself, think ahead, move forward, and never give up…

Hoa is currently taking the full-time Master course on International Development at Maynooth University and has great interest in promoting the enjoyment of human rights and gender equality of community people.

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