GAA Sporting facilities at Maynooth University (MU Stock image)

Campus sports facilities

The time I spent in Maynooth University has been filled with a variety of experiences. My experiences were ranging from academic to socio-cultural elements.

The broad range of experiences I had here has left a very vibrant and positive impact on me. These experiences have immensely helped in my personal development.

Maynooth University has a really sizeable campus. There are several broad open spaces where students can always take part in some form of physical activity. The university has a broad variety of sporting facilities that are available to all students. There is a free weights room at the ground floor of the Phoenix building and there is also a bigger gymnasium equipped with various equipment facilities for a great work out. The Phoenix building hosts a large basketball court and a large tennis court.

Students are free to engage in a series of sporting activities on the court of the Phoenix building. There are various clubs that are run by students.We can play several sporting activities that range from table tennis, GAA (Irish football), soccer, basketball and many others. There are various other sporting activities, which are all played on campus as well. There are clubs for games which students would otherwise have a hard time gaining access to, such as archery, Ultimate Frisbee, golf and many others.

These clubs keep hosting regular events time and again. The events help keep students engaged throughout the duration of their term at Maynooth University. Except for a full sized swimming pool on campus, pretty much every sporting facility is available to the students. The individual sporting clubs operated by the students for the students and the fitness centre help students maintain themselves well, physically and mentally.

Many courses have a rather heavy course load, which can have a rather damaging effect upon student’s social lives and general well being. As the saying goes “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, but at Maynooth the students can always keep themselves engaged with a variety of sporting activities which would help students maintain a freshness of their mind. This in turn also helps in excelling at other academic activities as well. It is an important aspect for students to maintain a fresh approach to various things and sports and fitness definitely serves the purpose.

Students have access to lockers which they can use while they are at the Phoenix building. The building is fairly large and behind it there are large grounds where students can find ample spaces to play a quick game of soccer or GAA.

The gym also has a trainer, who is available at a basic charge. For students who feel the need to engage a trainer, they can do so. The golf club hosts matches at a nearby golf course  located off campus. Archery is set up at the Phoenix sports arena from time to time. Ultimate Frisbee is also there, and they do trips as well to other cities where students engage in Frisbee matches with students of other Universities. There is a Surf Club as well which does trips to surfing locations in Ireland. Students maybe interested or may not be interested in surfing lessons, however they can always go on the trips to have a enjoy themselves and be in the company of fellow students.

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