Culinary Crossroads: Exploring Irish and Dutch Cuisine

Introduction When exploring Ireland as an exchange student, trying out Irish food might not be the first thing on your radar. Irish cuisine is often dismissed as simplistic and dull, much like the cooking in my native Netherlands. After all, don’t Irish and Dutch people eat nothing but bland potato dishes? Having put it to the test, I can assure you there is more to these cuisines than you might expect ...

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The richness of the Irish language, illustrations by Catherine Geaney

Mothú sa bhaile in Éirinn: how language gives a sense of belonging

Introduction Illustrations by Catherine Geaney When I told my Dutch family I was learning the Irish language, they were confused: ‘Do you mean you’re learning to speak English with an Irish accent?’ More than once, I’ve had to explain that Ireland has its own language. Irish – or Gaeilge – is one of the oldest and most historically written languages in the world. It has been spoken in Ireland for over 2.500 ...

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MU blogger Elisabeth Koopal

How holidays bring us together

From Halloween to Sinterklaas: how holidays bring us together Introduction During my exchange in Maynooth, I celebrated the Irish festival of Halloween, as well as Sinterklaas; a traditional Dutch holiday. Partaking in various celebrations, I saw how holidays bring people together, both within and across cultures. In my inaugural blog post, I’m going to tell you more about these holidays and my experience celebrating them in Ireland. Halloween: an ancient Irish holiday Halloween – ...

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