A full first year in Maynooth

It is now a full year since I first came to Ireland to study at Maynooth University. This opportunity changed my life: I’m learning every day in my PhD, I’m in contact with different cultures constantly, I’ve made many good friends and I enjoy every day more than ever! As someone who comes from the American continent, before it was harder for me to travel through Europe, now it is cheap and easy, and I can’t find enough ...

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Maynooth Univerity Cemetery entrance path

Getting the right campus snap!

Maynooth has a beautiful campus, filled with big trees and large green areas It is magical even if it is a cloudy or a rainy day. I took many pictures all around Maynooth with my friends, and I want to share these spots with you and encourage you not to miss them when you’re here! The University’s South Campus is older and greener than the North Campus. There you can find St. Joseph’s Square, which is ...

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Maynooth Univesity 2019

An all-round education at Maynooth

The time I spent at Maynooth University as a student has been really inspirational, as it has helped me develop in various ways, both as a student and as an individual. The students are very easy to get along and the faculty members at the university are very approachable. Maynooth University has been awarded Ireland’s “friendliest campus.” The university has recently initiated its construction on new buildings so as to make more room for on-campus accommodation. The on-campus accommodation ...

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GAA Sporting facilities at Maynooth University (MU Stock image)

Campus sports facilities

The time I spent in Maynooth University has been filled with a variety of experiences. My experiences were ranging from academic to socio-cultural elements. The broad range of experiences I had here has left a very vibrant and positive impact on me. These experiences have immensely helped in my personal development. Maynooth University has a really sizeable campus. There are several broad open spaces where students can always take part in some form of physical activity. The university has a broad variety of ...

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Maynooth treats me well

I have enjoyed every moment in this beautiful place. It is not so crowded as in Dublin, yet it does not mean that Maynooth is a quiet place. I like the quietness of this place. I often wander around the Maynooth University Campus or Maynooth town after class on bright days. I want to take a deep breath of fresh air. I am sometimes fond of exploring Maynooth’s changes over seasons. It is very interesting. ...

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A guide to Maynooth, point-by-point

Hello again, all! So excited you’re back to read a bit more about my Irish adventures. Maynooth has been such an incredible host university, its crazy how fast this all went by for me. I’m already beginning to feel nostalgic. So far I’ve been diving into my academic studies and I’ve really been enjoying my classes this semester, I’m grateful for being here for a full school year as it’s allowed me to acclimate well to the ...

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Accommodation on Maynooth Campus – so like home

Time flies. I have been here, in Maynooth, for four months already. I have friendly and openhearted classmates and meet very helpful lecturers. Every day that goes by, I have learnt or known something new in my life. It may be a new way of learning, new interesting stories or even a new melody. I am living in a cozy place. It is located on Maynooth campus, which is such a convenience to students, especially international students ...

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Where I am from (Zimbabwe), Halloween is not a big deal. Kids don’t dress up and go trick or treating. There are no pop-up costume shops. The grocery shops don’t dedicate an aisle to decorations and masks and sweets. I remember asking what Halloween was when I was younger, and my mom said that it was the night when ghosts roamed. I concluded that it was best to stay inside. ...

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Thinking Back on My Time at Maynooth So Far

I have become fairly familiar with airports. When I leave home destined for Dublin, I look forward to the freedom I have in Ireland to live my life completely independently. I get to decide what I eat every day, what I do in my free time, and I can pursue my degree whole-heartedly. I also know that I will miss my family and my cats and having the comforts of ...

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