Saint Patricks college south campus Maynooth

A Cathedral of Trees

I am struck by the beauty and tranquillity of Maynooth South Campus, it reminds me of a recent trip to South Africa where I visited the botanic gardens in Pietermaritzburg. The luminous beauty of the old trees on South Campus reminds me of a particular area where I walked through on the East Coast of South Africa. It was described as a ‘Living Cathedral’ of plane trees planted in 1908 ...

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12 study tips for the January exams

Christmas break flew by and now exam season is lurking. The last thing you wanted to think about during the festive seasonwere assignment deadlines and January exams – and now, here we are… This December I was no longer spending the holiday season in Pennys’ cosy Christmas pyjamas. I was in sunny South Africa, struck by the beauty of Johannesburg. However, whilst relaxing by the pool, the thought of exams was ...

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