Maynooth Univesity 2019

An all-round education at Maynooth

The time I spent at Maynooth University as a student has been really inspirational, as it has helped me develop in various ways, both as a student and as an individual. The students are very easy to get along and the faculty members at the university are very approachable. Maynooth University has been awarded Ireland’s “friendliest campus.” The university has recently initiated its construction on new buildings so as to make more room for on-campus accommodation. The on-campus accommodation ...

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GAA Sporting facilities at Maynooth University (MU Stock image)

Campus sports facilities

The time I spent in Maynooth University has been filled with a variety of experiences. My experiences were ranging from academic to socio-cultural elements. The broad range of experiences I had here has left a very vibrant and positive impact on me. These experiences have immensely helped in my personal development. Maynooth University has a really sizeable campus. There are several broad open spaces where students can always take part in some form of physical activity. The university has a broad variety of ...

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Dealing with Exams

My name is Siddhartha. I have been a student with Maynooth University since September, 2018. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Law. My time spent here in the beautiful town of Maynooth has been very memorable. I have rejoiced every moment of my social and academic life. However university is about academics and a healthy social life. The academic aspect does get hectic at times, but its highly manageable. All students need to do is get started ...

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Clubs, societies and integration

My journey to Maynooth has been filled with numerous adventures. An integral aspect of being a part of a University of high global repute is that you get to meet students from multiple nationalities. University life abroad is not solely limited to the academic aspects. Assimilation into the culture of the country in which one lives as a student is also very important. Here at Maynooth University there is a huge diversity among the students ...

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Orientation and arriving at Maynooth

Hello, my name is Siddhartha Roy. Currently I am pursuing my Master’s in Law from Maynooth University. I arrived in Ireland on a bright sunny morning on the 17th of September, 2018. After having cleared security check at Dublin Airport, I was greeted into this beautiful country by bright sunny weather. I then proceeded to catch a bus that would take me to the town of Maynooth which would be my ...

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