What Comes Next?

The future is looming. An ominous statement that every university student experiences near the end of their degree. For international students, it carries extra weight because if you’re in Ireland for only a semester or year, that means that what you may be experiencing on your college back home could be suddenly unpaused. You have to go home and figure out how to fit into a life that may have ...

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The Phases of homesickness

Depending on the situation, being away from home can be an amazing time simply because you’re no longer home. You’re away from the monotony of your usual life and everything is new and interesting. That was what it was like for me when I first came to Ireland. I couldn’t take my eyes off all the little differences between Ireland and America, whether it is double decker buses or the fact there’s always a pub ...

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Tess in Edinburgh blog post

A trip to Scotland

You’d think that while living in foreign country it would be easy to become tired of traveling. But like almost everything, the unusual becomes normal again. The sights that once interested me have gained a film of normality to them. The numerous Irish accents and the slang that often accompanies them, I no longer really notice. So in order to find that sense of newness, that urge to explore, I ...

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Tess traveling alone on Study Abroad to Maynooth

Growing into yourself

It’s weird to think that in order to find yourself you have to leave behind what’s familiar. The place you grew up in and the people that surround you feel like they should make up who you are, and they do to an extent. But I feel like by being away from that, it is easier to see yourself more clearly. But that’s what I’ve done in the past two ...

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