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It’s strange how time passes, it had the ability to pass really fast but also very slow. It’s March now, St. Patrick’s day in fact. A very important day here in Ireland, unfortunately we happen to be in lockdown for the second St. Patrick’s day in a row. I could tell you to look on the bright side, but what would that really do?

The world will not be the same after this virus, too much has happened already. I guess what can be said is that this whole pandemic can serve as a learning experience. Perhaps we will use this as a cautionary tale, but there’s a reason that history tends to repeat itself. The elected leaders of the free world tend to run away from problems and hope they will solve themselves, until they don’t and what is left is a mess. So mess in hand now, and here we are. It’s not ideal but here we are, and we must soldier on. So in honour of St.Patrick’s day I’d like to share a saying of his. 

I know for certain, that before I was humbled I was like a stone lying in deep mire, and he that is mighty came and in his mercy raised me up and, indeed, lifted me high up and placed me on top of the wall. And from there I ought to shout out in gratitude to the Lord for his great favours in this world and for ever, that the mind of man cannot measure.

The patron Saint of Ireland found solace and peace within his belief, and his belief was so strong that it spread across the Emerald Isle. This is the reason why he is celebrated all over the world, not only because of so many people that emigrated, but because his faith was so unshakeable. It is a story to be admired, a man that had a promising future, but then sold into slavery, escaped that slavery, yet chose back to help those who once subjected him. It takes a very humble person to do that, to put aside their pride, in order to help those who have wronged you.

So I guess how could we apply these lessons to our own lives? Well I guess we can all try to be more understanding when we are upset. We can put our own ego’s  to the side and look at the bigger picture. We could think about the well being of others instead of focusing on things that only benefit one. Instead of seeing this time in quarantine as punishment, we can see it as a time to reflect. To look inside each and every one of ourselves and heal from there. I found when you can’t change the world around you, you can still change yourself and improve and grow yourself. From that point on, that’s when big changes start to take place, and that’s what will inspire others too.

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