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My name is Siddhartha. I have been a student with Maynooth University since September, 2018. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Law. My time spent here in the beautiful town of Maynooth has been very memorable. I have rejoiced every moment of my social and academic life.

However university is about academics and a healthy social life. The academic aspect does get hectic at times, but its highly manageable. All students need to do is get started with their assignments well in advance of the due date. That would give one plenty of time to go about with the assignments and also enjoy a healthy social life at the university. At Maynooth the faculty across all departments consists of a very approachable staff. They are ready to provide students with all the help they need to go about with their assignments. I cannot recall a single instance where it took me very long to set up an appointment with a faculty member from my department. Thought the first semester, they have been of great help to me.

Depending on the course and individual modules, students would have more of written examinations or written assignments. The assignments would become hectic if they are not started off early. But the lecturers are always around for any consultation required regarding the assignments, whether they are presentations, assignments or written exams. With regards to written exams, some courses have more written exams and some have very few or no written exams. The lecturer’s help students make a good idea of what kind of questions to expect for the written examination. Sometimes it can get very hectic based on the structure of the course, but if you make an early start with your course work, managing the course load should not be difficult. Exams may seem to be tough, but if you go about with all your required readings that are uploaded on Moodle by the lecturers from time to time, it becomes fairly easy to manage written examinations. 

University life depends on the ability of the students to create a balance between their course load and social life. Social life is also a very important aspect of your time at university, especially if your living a long way off from home! Academics are a very important aspect of your time at University, but don’t forget to enjoy your student life as well, it really is the best time of life!

Best of luck to all current students and everyone looking forward to coming to Maynooth!           

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