Do we need equality?

My friend asked me “Why do we need equality?”- It is an interesting question but not easy to fully answer at all. Firstly, I want to put a question “Do we want to be discriminated against because of any reason?” “Do we want to be discriminated against just because of our gender, age, culture, geography, social status, etc.?” Of course not. Nobody wants to be separated or left behind. This is one of reasons why we need equality.

I was born and grew up in a poor family in a rural area of Vietnam. I left my village for Ha Noi – the capital city for undergraduate study. I remember when I was the first-year student, some of my Hanoian classmates looked down on me since I was a rural girl in an old-fashioned outlook. I felt hurt and asked myself whether differences bring about discrimination in society. I have rights to be equal.

Later in my life, I have worked for some non-governmental organisations in different areas of development, I am more aware of the value of equality. Poor people, particularly those who live in extreme poverty have rights to get equal access to livelihoods options and public services. People living with HIV/AIDS have rights to work and education as others. Children, especially those who live in poor families have rights to be equally treated, rights to health, food, water, education, etc. as others. Rights are born with us. We have rights to enjoy our fundamental human rights no matter who we are, what we do, where we come from, etc. I myself believe that development is not itself if it goes without people.

As a development worker, I have made a right choice to apply for the MA course in International Development in Maynooth University. This course provides students with interesting modules that cover different topics of development such as Development Theory and Practice, Political Economy of Development, Human Development, Adult Learning, Result-based Management, Gender and Development, Human rights and Advocacy, Anthropology and Globalisation, Research Methods, and Sustainable Livelihoods and Climate Change Adaptation.

By having taken this course, I have got an insight into development. They help to deepen my knowledge of history of development, practices of development, power dynamics, SDGs, empowerment, etc.. The more I learn, the more I understand that every individual has the right to live in an equal and just world. From people to people, people should be at the centre of development. In short, we have the right to enjoy equality.

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