Fred Valdez at Maynooth

Get a bike!

Maynooth is a small and beautiful town which can be easily traveled with a bike, and it has a lot of cycling roads everywhere. My quality of life really changed when I decided to buy a bike.

I was now able to come back home from the laboratory in the university to eat, and then head back to the laboratory. It was also easier to carry my bags whenever I went to Lidl or Aldi to buy the groceries.

We have the “Maynooth bikes” store close to the University, where you can get new or used bikes. The guy in charge is very open minded and can work a wide variety of good deals for you. I had a friend who gave him Spanish classes in exchange to have a rented bike for a full year!.

There is also always the option to get your bike using Facebook, or There is a lot of people coming and going from Maynooth, and there are always bikes available.

Ireland’s weather is impossible to predict. It is not common to see the sun! The rain can come out of nowhere literally at any moment. If you plan to use a bike, it is a good idea to be ready to face this. I reached home completely wet countless times, even if I left the place when the sun was shining.

You will also face very cold days. You must have some gloves ready, otherwise your hands will fall from your body, completely frozen!!!

Having lights and caring about traffic lights is mandatory for cycling in Ireland. Wearing a helmet is not mandatory, but is advised. You should also consider that in this country cars are driven cars on the left hand side of the road, keep an eye on that one!

Maynooth is not an unsafe place, but I heard about a couple of stolen bikes. Getting a good lock is a good idea.

There are parking areas for bikes all around the university and the town, I never had a problem with that. Even if you plan to go to Dublin by bus, there is a parking tube right in front of where you pick the bus on the Main Street. Going to Dublin using the bike can be done, but it will be a long trip, I never tried it. You can travel by train with your bike on Sundays, give it a try and cycle around Dublin too!

I personally sometimes traveled on the bike without having any specific destination, there is plenty to see outside Maynooth. I loved the big chess board I found in Straffan!

Fred Valdez in Straffan

This was my experience, which I wanted to share.  I hope to see you around Maynooth happy with your bike!

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