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Music festivals are a big part of young life, especially in the summer. You get the chance to see many of your favorite artists at one event rather than a typical event. I was so excited to find out there was a festival in Ireland and it did not disappoint. There was plenty of food, merchandise, and people everywhere. There were people all over Ireland and I even met someone from Liverpool who came to the festival. It was a great atmosphere and I could see everyone enjoying themselves. I actually realized from this festival that many festivals in Europe are actually much cheaper than the United States, and typically have many of the same artists besides a few local artists, so I really think that’s a huge steal.

Castles, Castles Everywhere!

Ireland has a rich and deep history and with that comes a lot of the old architecture. It seems like every town, or city has a castle or two. The image so happens to be Belfast Castle in Belfast, Northern Ireland, but they are many of them and they all look so different. It is hard to believe that a family used to live in something so massive and grand. 

Giant’s Causeway

This may be cliché, but this is truly a place that is better in person than a photo. Seeing the pillars of old volcanic rock and in a hexagonal shape is very unusual. It is hard to even believe nature created such beauty. Sitting on one of these rocks looking out to the ocean is one of the most peaceful things I have ever experienced. Tourists fill the area taking pictures, locals going on walks with their dogs, but there is still a calming presence that covers the area.

Fields of Green as Far as the Eye Can See

Traveling long distances in Ireland will give you quite a treat. You will see hills of green farmland in sections that looks like patchwork. As if someone stitched the ground itself together to make a beautiful mosaic. They rang in various shades of green but all look soft enough to lay or play in. Farmers keep their land in pristine condition like something I have never seen before.

There is More than Meets the Eye

As my journey in Ireland comes to a close, I will say Ireland is a gem that still has many secrets. There are many small towns that have stunning views, coasts with magnificent cliffs, and people who love visitors.

Many people would declare that 6 weeks is plenty of time to sight see a country and enjoy all of its beauty. I will tell you it is not the case here. Ireland has so much history, and natural land attractions it is hard to see it all. Then mix that in to the city life and meeting people in pubs you have yourself tons of things to do and discover.

All in all, I can say that the Irish are some of the nicest people you will meet as well as talkative. They love to hear as much about you as you do them. They will welcome you gladly and hope you have a good time during your travels. I have met many other international students from various countries and they all said they could consider Ireland home and can’t wait to come again. I will be forever grateful for the experience of studying abroad as well as to Maynooth University for planning a life changing experience for many other international students like me.

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