Hello February, when new traditions meet old ones

As we move into February, we start the second semester here at Maynooth which can feel a bit hectic. Of course, everything is online, but it can get a bit confusing with tutorials and such. Anyways, in the United States it’s black history month which ironically is the shortest month of the year, although I still find ways to celebrate it here in Ireland. I myself is what you call trigueña, which according to my father is a person of Native American, African, and Caucasian origin. This month hits home for me, because in my family everyone is a different shade. It is also very evident now that many racial injustices around the world are being brought to light as now social media has such a large presence. It may be hopeful thinking, but perhaps one day these awful behaviors won’t exist as they should not be taught in the first place.  

            In addition, February also has Valentine’s Day, which is the day of love. I plan on spending it with my boyfriend and we have a few ideas planned out. Firstly, we’re making buñuelos, which are a pastry kind of cheese fritters. Back in the states my dad and my abuelita make them, and I’m happy to say the first time I made them here in Ireland they came out super tasty. So my boyfriend and I are very excited to make them this Sunday,but just in case you’re wondering what they look like, there will be a photo of them in this post. We also have decided to do a spa day as well, so we’re using face masks for that. On the day of love, we must first practice self-love, because if you don’t love yourself how are you supposed to love someone else? 

            Another thing happening this month is Carnaval, which happens the day before Ash Wednesday. In other places it is known as Mardi Gras, Martedi di Grasso, Fat Tuesday, and most notably here, Pancake Tuesday. ESN is also doing a pancake flipping contest during their event this Tuesday, so I strongly recommend everyone who has the chance to go check it out. My boyfriend will not be participating in this event as he would have an unfair advantage, as he is an expert crepe cook and professional pancake flipper. As is common knowledge at this point, I am Colombian, and Carnaval is a pretty big deal in over there, especially Barranquilla. It’s the second biggest Carnaval after the one in Rio De Janiero. I have not had the chance to attend one, but I’ve heard stories of it from friends and family and believe me it’s on my bucket list.  

With all these events taking place, it may seem hard to manage schoolwork. Although, I’ve managed to download an app, and not only put in my timetable, but also my due dates. I have yet to tell my mother as she would probably throw a party or something. This woman once colour coded my binders by subject while I was at work during secondary school. But who am I to complain? She’s the reason I am where I am today, and I can only hope to be half the mom she is someday. In the end, I hope everyone has a grand Black History Month, Valentine’s day and Carnaval/ Pancake Tuesday! 

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