Hitting the gym on campus

As a fitness enthusiast, ISSA(USA) certified nutritionist and a student at Maynooth University, I am lucky to have access to the amazing gym facilities on campus. Maynooth University Campus Gym is a state-of-the-art fitness centre that offers a wide range of equipment, classes, and services to help students and staff achieve their fitness goals.

The range of equipment at the Maynooth University Campus Gym is one of my favourite features. The gym has state-of-the-art cardio equipment that is kept in top condition, including treadmills, concept 2 model D rowing machine, and stationary bikes, all of which are excellent for engaging in a strong cardiovascular exercise.

For strength training, there are a lot of machines like squat racks, benches for dumbbell weight training, leg extension machine, pull-up racks and free weights available, which let me focus on different muscle areas and adjust my exercises to my tastes. Also, the gym provides functional fitness tools like kettlebells, resistance bands, and TRX straps that are excellent for mixing up my workouts and providing my body with fresh challenges.

The peers at gym are very friendly and helping. You can call on them when you need spotting and they will be happy to do it. The environment of the gym is respectful towards all genders. It has been renovated last month.

The Maynooth University Campus Gym stands out for its kind and welcoming environment. The staff is approachable and always prepared to assist, whether it is by addressing equipment-related inquiries or offering advice on proper exercise form. The gym welcomes and accommodates people of all fitness levels, from absolute beginners to experts. Students and staff support and cheer each other on in their fitness endeavours, and there is a sense of camaraderie among gym goers.

Additionally, the campus gym at Maynooth University provides specialized services like fitness evaluations, customized workout plans, and dietary guidance. These services are intended to support people in setting and achieving their fitness objectives in a secure and efficient manner. The staff takes the time to learn about each person’s needs and offer advice that are specifically designed to assist them move closer to their fitness objectives.

I value how reasonably priced the Maynooth University Campus Gym is as a student. For students at Maynooth University, it is absolutely free, and visitors pay a very reasonable charge.

The campus gym at Maynooth University is a great place to continue your fitness journey and enhance your general wellbeing.

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