How to enjoy to the fullest!

Studying abroad in Maynooth was, undoubtedly, an amazing and everlasting experience, full of great moments and great people.

You will be invited to several introduction events for international students, where they will explain most of the basics of living and studying in Maynooth. However, there are other things no one will tell you, which I learned over the time. So I am sharing them with you, to help everyone not to miss out on anything!

Try out as many clubs and societies as you can!!

This might be one of the most crucial things you can do to improve your whole experience. Clubs and Societies are full of people willing to do their best to make people feel happy for joining! This is where people who are a little shy in lectures, show their true nature.

I did wrong and only joined a couple of them, which I was interested in. What a mistake! There were so many things other societies had to offer!

You do not need to register before attending, just go there, and get involved. You will be surprised about how much they have to offer.

With this you will:

  • Meet a lot of people sharing your same interests.
  • Be exposed to their events, which otherwise you will never know they happened
  • Get new skills! (Hi Mom, I’m back from Ireland, and now I know how to kayak!)
  • Access unique benefits (Hey Business Soc, I want your card to access “The Roost” for free!)
  • Free pizza! Every society will do this at least once 😉

You can see all of them here:

Free pizza even in Chess society!

Maynooth University Chess Society

Games Society! There are always people to play with.

Stay alert in Social Media

A lot is going on everywhere, all the time. Maynooth has a wide variety of random but cool stuff to offer (thank God!). I still remember myself opening Facebook in a lecture, and finding that there were pets outside of the Students Union to hug and relax from exams. It made my day!

Next day: Beach party? Why not!

Just type “Maynooth” in Facebook or Twitter, and follow everything. You will not regret this!

No plans?

That is uncommon; did you follow the previous steps?

There are moments and places where you can be sure you will find “the Craic” if this happens

Wednesday night: Brady’s

Thursday night: The Roost or Mischief (you might want to drink something outside before going in)

Weekend: Let’s go to Dublin! Personal suggestion: Dicey’s!


No, sorry. In Ireland you will rarely have couple dances, or reggaeton. Whatever is being played in the radio, will be the music you will dance (Pop, electronic). Improve your dancing steps before coming, avoid being the “always the same steps” guy/girl!

Some additional suggestions…

  • Get your Student’s Leap Card to access cheaper transportation (in Maynooth Student’s Union)
  • Get your ESN card (you will get discounts everywhere, even in flights!)
  • Walk by the library and Student’s Union often, free stuff can be given at any time because of an event!
  • Give love to the library cat!!
  • Transportation is expensive in Ireland, but it has a daily limit, do not be afraid to travel during the weekend! You can take as many buses as you wish, and you will not spend more money.
  • Important sport’s match? Go to the Student’s Union bar, Irish people are passionate about sports, you will really have a good time!

As everyone, I came here expecting to learn a lot, and to have fun. I wish I knew all of this before coming. Live this experience to the fullest!

I hope to see you in every event!

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