Kehkashan, India

MA in Anthropology and development 
1.      How different was living in Maynooth, Ireland and studying at Maynooth University from life in your home country? 

People make the difference in Ireland, especially at Maynooth. I have travelled quite on business purposes before, however, I did not find the warmth, the ease in people which I found in Ireland. My home country is India and I love the warmth I feel in India. Saying that, the difference from India to Ireland is down to climate, culture and people’s attitude towards life.  

Life at Maynooth has been smooth, it is a space to dwell into yourself. It also is a space to have fun. There are activities every now and then organized by the university. An international student like me would not feel disconnected and is always involved.  

2.      What kind of campus facilities did you use during your time at Maynooth University? How was your experience? 


I used the accommodation, library the mostly the laundry, Phoenix, Londis on campus are my occasional spots. I used the prayer room quite often once I was aware of it. I was amazed by the simplicity the space portrayed. I wish, India or any diversified nation gets inspired by the prayer room in the university. I have not been to many international universities. It might be the same set up but I was very impressed of the oneness the prayer room portrayed. Accommodation services were very cooperative. Last but not the least, I admire international office. Alena is one person who has been there, looked out for me and goes the extra mile in her job. This in my observation of her with every student. The connection and care she has drives everyone first to run to international office and then take her directions.  

3.      What were some of your favourite things to do in Maynooth? 


Walking any where is a beautiful experience,unless its snowing or raining heavily. I was a bit irritated with the constant rain in the beginning but after 2 to 3 months, I didn’t mind it. The serenity of the place is quite impressive.

Hanging out in Brady’s 

Walking with friends in carlton park 

Urgent food panic leading to pizza dog for food offers.  

Maynooth is self sufficient and provides a range of things to do.   

4.      What advice would you give to prospective MU international students? 


Be prepared for constant rain. Make the most of the library. You can never get enough of those books, use all the facilities and join as many as groups as possible. Make time for yourself and utilise the professor’s insights to gain as much knowledge as you can.

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