Maynooth treats me well

I have enjoyed every moment in this beautiful place. It is not so crowded as in Dublin, yet it does not mean that Maynooth is a quiet place. I like the quietness of this place. I often wander around the Maynooth University Campus or Maynooth town after class on bright days. I want to take a deep breath of fresh air. I am sometimes fond of exploring Maynooth’s changes over seasons. It is very interesting. Each season brings along with itself a very typical feature.

I came to Ireland during the autumn. Sunny and colourful! Yellow leaves followed the winds. Along with a friend, I took a walk from the campus to Carton House along rows of trees and tasted wild blackberries. Sweet and juicy! How lovely they are!

In winter, it was getting dark earlier than the other seasons. It was very cold, rainy, windy and snowy sometimes; it was often cloudy, however, to be honest, it is the uniqueness of winter. Here it is much colder than my home country. I have never seen snow before; I therefore love to live with such weather. Also, I can see many trees budding by the end of the season.

The colour has changed a lot when spring and summer come along. Cherry blossom is everywhere in Maynooth, especially on campus. It is the time when a variety of flowers colour the peaceful town. It is the season of greenness, freshness and hope.

To add to this, in March 2019, I have had opportunities to experience public events in Maynooth: the school-strike for climate change action and the Maynooth St. Patrick’s Day Parade. They were truly amazing. Kids were on the road dancing and partaking in various performances. Young adults and the elderly paraded with completely festival styles. They all showed me their unity, harmonisation, friendliness, and spirit of the Irish. These experiences are extremely valuable to me. I feel really lucky to be here and am treated well.

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  1. Such a cute post, Hoa. Thank you for sharing and curious to know where your path you’ll be taking you next. Keep enjoying and soaking everything around you. I know I can’t wait to experience this. <3

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