Waterford city by Maku

My holidays in Waterford

There’re a lot of opportunities to explore Ireland during your stay at Maynooth University.

Today, I’d like to share my experience of the break between the second semester and the summer semester of the International Foundation Programme.

I went to Waterford for a two day / three night holiday.

Waterford is a city located on Ireland’s south coast, and is the country’s fifth biggest city. It’s also an historical city made up of museums giving visitors a real insight into its medieval history.

My visit to Waterford was also to get to see some friends I know since I’ve studied at secondary school there for one year. Although it’s been two years since I left Waterford, it stayed as lovely as it was!

From Maynooth to Waterford, you can take a bus from University to Heuston station (Dublin) first, and catch a train to Waterford station. The train takes about two hours to get there. You also have an option to take a bus from Dublin to Waterford as well. 

I stayed at my old host family’s home, and it reminded me so much about the time that I spent with them, especially going to the beach for a walk. In Co. Waterford, there are some towns close to stunning beaches and one of my favourite places is called Tramore, about thirty minutes away from Waterford city centre by car. It’s known as a resort town. On sunny days thousands flock to the beaches to enjoy it and events held there.

I met some friends from my old secondary school.

Firstly, I had lunch with Japanese students who are currently studying abroad at my old school. It’s great to have a like-minded community that you can share information and experiences. These girls are very ambitious and full of energy; they really spurred me on so much! I then met some classmates from secondary school after that.

How time flies! We kept chatting for many hours.

Waterford has lovely places to walk around and take picnics with friends. I had doughnuts in the park near the city centre sitting in the sunshine.

Compared to Japan, I see a lot of people sitting on the grass and relaxing in Ireland, and it is one of the reasons why I like living in this country.

I would recommend you to take a trip whenever you feel like you want to refresh and clear your mind. There are many places that you are able to visit even only for a weekend in Ireland, and if you’re looking for somewhere you can learn more about Irish history and chill out by the waterside. Waterford is certainly a great option for you!

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