My Journey at Maynooth University: A Symphony of Personal and Academic Growth

As a Ph.D. student trying to find my way through the vast sea of education, I found a safe harbour on the shores of Maynooth University. From the first day I came here, I felt like I was at home. It had a unique mix of intellectual freedom and a reassuring sense of safety. It was a place that both encouraged and celebrated my individuality.
Starting a Ph.D. is like going on a journey with high points of exciting discoveries and low points of hard study.

At Maynooth, on the other hand, the trip was made easier by the huge system of academic support. The University didn’t just teach in classrooms or hide its focus on learning behind stacks of study papers. Instead, it became part of what I did every day. I had the chance to be a tutor and a demonstrator, both of which helped me learn more and get better at communicating to students. As a tutor at a summer school, I was involved in the constant flow of ideas, talked to students, and improved my ability to teach.

But the University is committed to a lot more than just making students. Maynooth is a shining example of diversity and acceptance, creating a space where all students can be proud of who they are. As a Ph.D. candidate who is LGBTQ+, I didn’t just feel accepted, I felt honoured. The University’s commitment to diversity helped me relax so I could focus on my studies without having to hide who I was.

One thing that stood out about Maynooth’s inclusive philosophy was that they always helped women who were interested in STEM topics. Women often have a hard time getting ahead in STEM fields, but Maynooth’s attempts to level the playing field have been remarkable. I was honoured to get the John and Pat Hume grant, also called the WISH scholarship because it is only given to women in STEM fields. This was more than just a money-maker; it showed that the university believes in the power of women in STEM.

When I think about my time at Maynooth University, I can say that it is a life-changing one. It has been a place for academic improvement and emotional support, wrapped in a blanket of diversity and acceptance. As a Ph.D. student here, I am cared for and given the tools I need to do well. The things I’ve learned and the things I’ve done will definitely shape my future in University and beyond.

So, if you are thinking about going to Maynooth University for higher education, you can expect to be mentally challenged, emotionally supported, and valued for who you are. This University doesn’t just turn out students; it also grows global citizens who are open-minded and ready to make their mark on the world.

Thalita Nazaré – PhD Student at Department of Electronic Engineering, member of Centre for Ocean Energy
Research (COER) and LGBTQ+ women in STEM.


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