Noémie, Rennes, France

Politics, Rennes 2 in Brittany
Question 1 :

Here, it is most expensive to live here than in France (rent and food in general). Moreover, the alcohol is more expensive as well! The most annoying part for me here was to live with a host family because it is really hard to find a place to live here. I’m lucky to have found a place in Maynooth itself, which is quite rare. In France I was living by my self so I have to re-adapt to living with others. The University, however, is really lovely. People are really friendly and helpful and that is totally different compared to home. It is really easy here to ask questions and teacher are there to listen. I had a trip with my teacher in Brussels via my politics class , which was lovely. Furthermore, teachers try to help us as Erasmus student, we are not lost and on our own, that is really lovely.

Question 2 :

I loved studying in the Library which is a new building and there are a lot of facilities inside. There are a lot of laptops to borrow and the library is generally a really a good place to study. After that, it is lovely as well to take a pint at the MSU : the Student Bar and the MSU organises a lot of interesting events as well. To finish, there are a lot of conferences at Maynooth University on a lot of interesting topics, specially for politics for instance.

Question 3 :

I love the Roost. It is a great pub where you can take a tea, have lunch, dinner, take a pint or partying! For me it is a really lovely and friendly place. I like going as well at some coffee like as the coffee lounge and the Indian at the main street is a really good one.

Question 4 :

Bring a rain coat and good shoes! You have to be ready for every kind of weather here : sunshine, rain snow storm… But if it is possible for French student, bring your own car. Everything is so much easier due to a car… And travel! Do not wait the country is just wonderful and at the beginning of the semester you have a lot of time to do that but after weeks study staff will come so do not wait!

The most important thing now is : as soon as possible, begin to look for accommodation, I’m really serious! Because it is really hard here to find a place, specially as an Erasmus Student! But after that, you will enjoy your experience here because Erasmus is a good community and Irish people are really friendly.


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