OIiver, Switzerland

My Erasmus year is coming to a close way to quickly! It feels as though I have been in Ireland for only a couple of months. I’m not quite sure how this happened? Maybe it was the nights at Brady’s that blurred my time recognition? Finding a room in Leixlip I found myself smack in the middle of my university and the city. Dublin city was a great place to escape the university life and get amongst a roaring hub of young international human traffic! On a night out in Dublin I would meet people from anywhere in the world. I took a trip to the west coast and drove part of the wild Atlantic way in a zippy little rental car. My girlfriend and I had a fantastic time. At Maynooth University I believe I have made some very dear friends that I hope to keep in contact with.


The Anthropology department is full of interesting characters, which is just the way I like it! As far as the campus goes, having an early medieval castle at the entry gate is for me. A great library and a welcoming atmosphere about the place, found also within the staff of the many departments has ensured my time here was enjoyable and fulfilling.

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