Orientation and arriving at Maynooth

Hello, my name is Siddhartha Roy. Currently I am pursuing my Master’s in Law from Maynooth University.

I arrived in Ireland on a bright sunny morning on the 17th of September, 2018. After having cleared security check at Dublin Airport, I was greeted into this beautiful country by bright sunny weather. I then proceeded to catch a bus that would take me to the town of Maynooth which would be my address for the duration of my course in Ireland. I will say that I was slightly nervous at first as this was the first time I had had travelled abroad to study. While I was waiting outside the airport, I was greeted by a lovely elderly couple who asked me if I was going to Maynooth. I told them I was and they guided me to where I would be able to board my bus.

Upon arrival to Maynooth, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the town. I was also pleased by the hospitality of the local people who were very eager to help each other if faced with any difficulty. A few of my friends had already arrived in Maynooth a week before and helped me get the basics I would be needing to get around in Maynooth, like where the grocery stores are, getting a local phone number etc.

I was lucky to have found suitable accommodation prior to my arrival in Ireland, which was very close to the University. After taking some rest I went with my friends to the University. I was absolutely thrilled to have finally reached the campus where I would be spending the next one year of my life. I approached the International office the following day and I was provided with all the information I would need in order to get my student card issued, and of the events of the orientation week.

I spent hours exploring the beautiful campus and over the next few days I learnt how to get around the entire campus. There were many student volunteers around who were eager to assist incoming students find their way around the spacious and beautiful campus.

On the first day of orientation, all the international students were greeted by representatives from the International office who guided us as to how we would be able to open our bank accounts, get our student cards and many more things. We were then treated to lunch at the Phoenix.

Towards the evening we would go to the student’s union bar to celebrate before the academic year officially commenced. During the orientation week all international and study abroad students had been provided with a list of events that would be taking place thought the week. The weekly events helped me socialise, and I met a lot of wonderful people from across the world.

The orientation week was not just an informative session but it was a wonderful opportunity to learn about Irish culture and about the traditions followed in Ireland.

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