Thais Camolesi Guimarães

Thais Camolesi Guimarães is a postgraduate student at Maynooth University. Natural from the city of Sao Paulo, in Brazil, she has done her undergraduate in Environmental Management at the University of Sao Paulo and has worked for three years at a Think Tank developing applied research on the topics of sustainable finance, ecosystem services, and climate change adaptation. Now she has crossed the ocean as a scholar from the Government of Ireland to study a Masters course in Climate Change.
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Siddhartha Roy

Siddhartha Roy is a graduate of Lloyd law college from where he completed my integrated bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws(B.A.LLB). As a native of Calcutta, India, Siddhartha is currently pursuing his Master of international Business Law at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth.
Siddhartha has worked for two years as a litigating civil lawyer. He has appeared and argued numerous cases on behalf of multinational corporations of high repute and as well as for private individuals. As a lawyer he has the experience of drafting a variety of legal documents. Throughout the duration of his legal career in India, he has provided free legal aid to those clients who were in need.
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Hoa Nguyen

Coming from Vietnam, Hoa has had ten years of working as development practitioners in different areas and with diverse groups of people in the country. She, in particular, has great interest in promoting the enjoyment of human rights and gender equality of community people. Hoa is currently taking the full-time Master course on International Development at Maynooth University. This is the first time Hoa has been in Ireland. She quickly settled down in the new place. To be a sociable person, Hoa is really eager to explore the new destination, new culture, new friends and new learning environment in the year ahead.
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Yumi Shimizu

Yumi Shimizu is an international student from her home school of Nihon University in Japan. Currently she is studying economics at Maynooth University. She will be staying in Ireland until the end of January.
She is positive that this blog will be a great opportunity to share her precious experiences with people in Ireland.

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Shreeya Bhatt

Shreeya Bhatt is a graduate from Amity university where she majored in Microbiology.
Hailing from New Delhi, India she is currently pursuing her master’s in Immunology and Global Health at our university. Excited for her course journey, she looks forward to merging her previous knowledge with what she is learning at Maynooth University. In order to balance work and play Shreeya loves to dance Bollywood and practices archery with our MU Archery club.
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Reigan Paulovich

Reigan Paulovich is a second year Economics and Business Management undergrad at Rollins College in sunny Florida. She is currently studying abroad in Ireland as a visiting undergraduate student and she plans on making her home here after receiving her Masters degree. Being a native Floridian she is a beach and theme park lover, but she also appreciates the Fall and Winter seasons that she gets to observe in Ireland. Reigan is passionate about traveling and plans to visit 30 countries by the time she is 30. Equally, she is a nature enthusiast, and a people-person. She enjoys experiencing new and challenging things and is always ready to share her stories.
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Clara Villa

My name Is Clara Villa. I am from the tropical and happy country of Colombia. My background is in digital marketing. I came to Ireland in 2015, initially to study English but then, I fell in love with this country and its friendly people who are pretty much similar to the people of Columbia. This really helps to make me feel at home. I am a student at Maynooth University studying one of the most interesting courses I could find. I’m doing an MSc in Design Innovation. Being a “non- national”was daunting at first but, once again, people have made me feel so at home.
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