Seeing Ireland and Maynooth University

I had arrived in Ireland on the 17th of September, 2018. Upon my arrival I was initially nervous regarding how my international experience would be. I had no idea of how I would get to the town of Maynooth from Dublin Airport. It was my first challenge in this new country. But soon enough I was guided by an elderly couple who very willingly helped me out by letting me know how I was to catch my bus to the town of Maynooth. I was excited and filled with joy, also at the same time I was nervous. I waited for some time until the bus arrived and as soon as I boarded I was greeted with a smile by the driver. The gracious man helped me load my luggage onto the loading area of the bus and in no time at all I was on my way to Maynooth. There were other students on the bus as well who had arrived just at that moment into Ireland. I later discovered that they too were incoming students for Maynooth University.

After an hour bus ride, I finally arrived into the town of Maynooth. It was a small yet a pleasant town. In my opinion it is the perfect student town as it is small area-wise, and has almost all the amenities that a student may require. Since when I was in secondary school I have always wanted to study abroad. Finally, that dream was realised in the beautiful town of Maynooth. Fortunately I had found my accommodation prior to my arrival in Ireland. It was to my surprise very close to the university. It was right beside the all basic amenities which I needed such as a supermarket and a bus stop. On my first day I took the initiative to explore around the town of Maynooth with some of my friends from India who had arrived before me. They showed me around and helped me gather my basic necessities such as a local mobile number, where to by my groceries and other similar needs. It was a nice experience.

Then towards the evening I finally arrived at the University. That moment was the best part of that first day of arrival into Maynooth. The University exceeded my expectations in every way. I was filled with joy, that I was presented with the opportunity to study and earn my masters degree from this fine institution. I explored the campus grounds that evening as all the offices had been closed down for the day. I couldn’t cover much on the first day alone, but the following day I explored the full campus grounds with my new friends. It was certainly a new and enriching experience! Maynooth being a small town has extremely friendly people. The people I met here in Maynooth have changed my views on life. It was a very enriching and still is. The staff at the university provide immense cooperation and help to me regarding every query that I had since my arrival here. I am delighted to be a student here at Maynooth University.

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