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Summer travels…

So let me start by saying that June has been a great month. I finally was able to leave Dublin for a bit, which was super refreshing since I hadn’t been out of Dublin since the summer. I got to go on a bit of an adventure to the west of the country in County Clare. It is now my new favorite part of the country, sorry Maynooth and Dublin, you’ve been replaced. Essentially this was a spontaneous vacation, and I feel super lucky and grateful to have been able to go. My mate works as an au-pair and her host family invited her and a friend to go on the vacation too. Guess who was the friend that got invited? Yes me, it was me.  I jumped at the chance because how many times do you get that kind of opportunity? Anyways we spent about four wonderful days there, and it was completely worth it.

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We started off our journey by taking the train to Ennis, with a transfer in Limerick in between. There were many cows and golf courses to be seen on the journey, which in its own way was kind of funny. Once we finally did arrive in Ennis we met up with one of my housemates from the area. It was a nice afternoon, and I can say I learned so much, and afterwards my mate’s host family came to collect us to take us to the home they had rented for the holiday. The home was located in Spanish Point, it actually was a BNB at one point, as well as a culinary school too. When we arrived it was warm welcome from the whole family, and the kids were super cute. It was nice to be around a normal family, not saying anything is wrong with my family, but we can be a bit rowdy to put it politely. They were a super nice family, they really made you feel like you were part of their family. I did not want to go back to Dublin, but it was for the best, since I probably gained a kilo in those few days. 

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We went to the village next to Spanish Point, Ennis, Lahinch, and Inis Oirr. I’ll show you some pictures, and yes I did get in the water in the Aran Islands. Does that make me crazy? Yes it does, that water was freezing. But overall I’m grateful for the entire experience, and I’m happy with the gradual changes that have taken place this year so far.

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There are good people out there, and I have no regrets with my decisions, Summer is right around the corner, restrictions are slowly being lifted, so it’s the perfect chance to explore the country in a safe manner. It is important to enjoy the time we are given, and live our lives to our fullest potential. Hopefully everyone will enjoy their summer before returning back to study in the fall too.

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