Kelly, Pennsylvania

“My favorite thing to do at Maynooth was walking around campus when the sun was shining!”

Noémie, Rennes, France

“People are really friendly and helpful and that is totally different compared to home.”

Kehkashan, India

“People bring the difference in Ireland. I never found as much warmth in people”.

Felipe, Brazil

“The University allowed me to specialize in my field and to network with companies

and other members of society.”

Ana, Slovenia

“I am so happy I decided to go abroad and I feel I’ve benefited so much from that”.

Oliver, Switzerland

“The MU campus is having an early medieval castle at the entry gate and a great library”.

Dhanalakshmi Singh, India

“The subjects I learnt at Maynooth helped me secure a job in the field of my liking quite easily”.

Katlyn, Arizona.

“Chased my dreams and followed my heart. Moved to Ireland, my first time apart..”