International Foundation Programme

My learning experience in the International Foundation Programme

I finished my course, International Foundation Programme, last week, and I’d like to share what I learned over the two semesters.

International Foundation Programme is held for international students who would like to improve their English skills and study skills before they start their undergraduate or postgraduate course at Maynooth University. As there is a small number of students in the classes, support from teachers, the international office, and its organiser is provided to each student is top notch. I achieved many academic experiences in this programme.

These are some examples of what I learned:

– Academic Research and Essay Writing Skills

– Reading Skills 

– Listening Skills

– Presentation Skills

– Paraphrasing and Plagiarism

– Exam Preparation

– Reflective Learning

– Independent Learning

– Time Management and Organisation Skills

– Critical Thinking Skills

All of them are crucial to be a successful student at the university. It was a pleasure to study in this course for me and I had such as amazing experience. It certainly was a valuable time that helped me to prepare for my undergraduate course because I had never learned most of these skills in my secondary education. 

Also, since I’m not a native English speaker, it was a great opportunity to get used to listening to lectures, taking notes, and discussing in English. In these two semesters I was able to see remarkable improvements in my English skills as well as study skills. 

As a student who has completed the programme, I’d like to recommend this course to prospective international students who need extra helps to improve their academic skills.

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