Clubs, societies and integration

My journey to Maynooth has been filled with numerous adventures. An integral aspect of being a part of a University of high global repute is that you get to meet students from multiple nationalities. University life abroad is not solely limited to the academic aspects. Assimilation into the culture of the country in which one lives as a student is also very important.

Here at Maynooth University there is a huge diversity among the students who come from all over the world. In order for the students to interact better, numerous clubs and societies have been set up at Maynooth University. These clubs and societies organize various events where students get the real opportunity to interact with each other. Lecture halls are not always the best places to interact as the focus there is usually on academic learning. The clubs and societies offer students the options to get involved in multiple extracurricular activities alongside the academic aspect. As the saying goes “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, is highly applicable to University life. There is a very active Students’ Union at the University, which is for students and run by students. The Students’ Union regulates the different clubs and societies by way of monitoring their activities.

There are societies for a variety of purposes. Some are based on disciplines, such as the law society, the European law students association; some societies are there for social interaction, some are theme based etc.

During the past few months of my life at Maynooth I have been actively engaged with multiple clubs and societies. Through some of the clubs and societies I have made wonderful friends. Student life is rather short and does not go on for long, so it’s always best to make the most of it! The different clubs and societies organize various events throughout the year with the chief objective aimed at keeping students entertained and engaged in some form of activity. Quizzes are organized by different societies where the winners get the chance to win prizes. There are various clubs which focus upon sporting events ranging from archery to table tennis.

Through the conserted efforts of the various societies and clubs, the students get to experience the very best of what university life has to offer. The activities organized by these clubs and societies are also very important as they offer students with an outlet from the academic stress that comes with university life.

I have been a part of various clubs and societies here. They have helped me expand my social circle, learn about new cultures and broaden my horizons.

Engagement with clubs and societies allows students to integrate with different cultures from around the world as everyone is free to become a member of the various clubs and societies. Lasting bonds are created as students from across the world meet and become friends. It promotes a sense of oneness and solidarity as well, which in my opinion are necessary for the development of individuals as well within society.            

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